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Hygienic Spaces with Hands-free Door-openers in Regina

Our innovative hands-free door-openers in Saskatoon and Regina are a great addition to the entrance system in your building. With these doors, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems eliminate the need to touch door handles every time someone enters or exits the building. Depending on your needs, you can choose from our no-touch or low-touch models. Installing these doors will assure your customers and employees a germ-free facility, guaranteeing comfort and convenience.


Our systems can be custom-designed to fit your door frames. With ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, you do not have to worry about anything. We also offer automatic swinging door solutions to transform your existing manual doors into convenient automatic doors.

A Range of Benefits

Our hands-free door-openers do not just make your space safe but also offer convenience to your guests. The systems are designed keeping in mind your usage and needs. The doors are fitted with:

  • Electric lock retraction
    It is a feature that allows for free passage through areas without the need for touching any surfaces. We can add these to existing systems and convert doors into hands-free systems.

  • Wave sensors and motion detectors 
    We use aperture wave sensors, motion detectors and wireless transmitters in our products so that people can move easily through areas without touching any surface.

  • Electromagnetic door holder 
    Peak hours can be maddening, and the need to open and close the door for each employee or guest can create chaos. Our electromagnetic door holders help in keeping the door open.

  • Push with the hip, pull with the arm
    The installation of a push/pull system and paddles allows for a hands-free experience on virtually any door.

You can also choose the RF device or remote control system to upgrade your existing sliding doors to automatic doors.

young woman holding a key card to lock and unlock door

Door-openers to Keep Your Safety First

With hands-free door-openers, you can ensure minimal contamination and 100% safety.

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